Muslim Aid-UK Bangladesh Field Office

Muslim Aid (MA) is a faith-based international relief and development agency, working to tackle poverty and relieve human suffering in support of people globally, in accordance with Islamic teachings. Founded in November 1985, as a response to the famine in Africa, Muslim Aid first began to establish its vision of helping humanity by distributing emergency aid to those affected by famine and conflict. Muslim Aid has been working for over three decades to help save and improve the lives of millions of people in many of the world’s poorest countries including Bangladesh. Muslim Aid-UK Bangladesh Country Office (MABCO)started it’s journey in 1991 following a devastating cyclone in the coastal areas of Bangladesh. Since then, MABCO has continued to work for the needy communities irrespective of gender, religion, ethnicity, casts and creed etc.

Muslim Aid is registered with NGO Affairs Bureau, Bangladesh (NGOAB) having registration number 552. This registration is valid till 2031. Muslim Aid is also registered with Charity Commission for England and Wales having Charity Number: 1176462


Our vision is of a world that is just and harmonious, as ordained by GOD, where everyone can achieve their potential with dignity. Inspired by our faith, we work with an inclusive approach to all people regardless of their faith, race, ethnicity, age and ability.


We will provide effective relief and development, applying our values in order to achieve a just and sustainable future for the places in which we work. We will work together with communities, people and partners to respond to crisis and to increase their resilience and self-sufficiency on their own terms.


Muslim Aid (MA) has been serving humanity around the globe for over 30 years. It is one of the largest Muslim development and humanitarian organizations in the UK. As a faith based international NGO, MA draws upon a rich heritage of social action and working with various communities to improve the lives of others in need. MA strives to ensure that all those suffering from the effects of poverty, natural disaster and war are able to survive and empowered to thrive. Through field offices and partners, MA tries to achieve the following goals:

Muslim Aid commits itself to working with:

- Compassion and justice (Ru’ufun and ‘Adl) in all of MA actions.

- Accountability and transparency (Muhasabah and Shafafyah) to all of MA stakeholders, especially the communities which MA works with.

- Action with quality (Amal m’a Jawadah) – MA programmes reflect and fill a gap identified by the communities MA work with, with longer term actions based upon need and capacity.

- Respect for rights, dignity and equal opportunity (Karamah and Sawaseyah) of all peoples.

- Empowerment (Tamkeen) of communities and individuals to reach their potential.

How we are helping in Bangladesh

Our Muslim Aid Bangladesh country office was set up in 1991 following the devastating cyclones that hit the country in that year, leaving 10,000 dead and causing extensive damage to livelihoods and homes. We now work in 63 districts across the country with over 1,200 staff to work with communities to build the future. Relieving the pressure on Bangladesh’s local resources is priority for improving the lives of all residents.

Muslim Aid provided emergency aid to more than 3,000 Rohingya refugees in 2018 by delivering:

- Water supply to quench thirst, sustain life and resources

- Hygiene promotion to protect health

- Shelter support to protect vulnerable people from flooding, extreme weather and landslides

Since January 2018, Muslim Aid has given sustainable development support to over 26,000 Bangladeshi people, including:

- Cash grants towards reconstructing homes destroyed in the floods

- Livelihood support to fund independent income

- Community water points to provide clean water to whole communities

- Hygiene kits and training to raise awareness of the dangers of dirty water

- Flood preparation training to mitigate the damage and loss in future disasters

- Maternal and pediatric care to sustain healthy pregnancies, births and support and nourish young families