Muslim Aid-UK Bangladesh Field Office

Muslim Aid is highly committed to SDG goal number three to facilitate good health and well-being for the beneficiaries through it’s three Muslim Aid Community Hospitals or MACHs located in Kulaura, Pirojpur and Pabna. Since 1996, these hospitals have been organizing activities such as satellite health camps, school health campaign, antenatal and postnatal services, vaccination and EPI programmes. They are also providing outdoor and indoor patient services, normal delivery, caesarian delivery, operation facilities,  and diagnostic services such as ECG, USG, and X-ray etc. MACHs also organize behavior. MACHs have seen increase in beneficiary numbers in every year proving their acceptance among the communities. In 2022, 130,362 beneficiaries have received various services from MACHs.  
Cleft Lips and Palate Operation in Muslim Aid’s Pabna Community Hospital, Pabna: A cleft lip and palate is a type of birth defect that affects the upper lip and roof of the palate. Unfortunately, according to study results most patients of cleft lip and palate are found from poor population. Each cleft lip and palate operation in our country costs BDT 40,000 to 50,000.  In most cases, poor families of patients are unable to bear the cost and are forced to continue to live with sufferings.

Apart from this, people, particularly women, born with the defects are sometimes undermined and discriminated in the society for not having a normal look. In order to help the poor community Muslim Aid Pabna Community Hospital organized a ‘cleft surgery’ programme in August 2016 where it treated 40 patients free of costs. The team of surgeons was led by Professor Dr. Sajjad Khondokar, head of the Plastic Surgery Department, Dhaka Medical College. It is to be mentioned that during last 3 years, Muslim Aid Pabna Community Hospital organized 50 campaigns on cleft lip and palate treatment to encourage community people to address this health challenge and to motivate people not to discriminate people with cleft lips. By August 2016, Muslim Aid Pabna Community Hospital completed a total of 500 operations and this is considered by the CSOs, community people and doctors a record for any community hospital in treating cleft lips. This also represents Muslim Aid’s special contribution to the community and public health.

Health Campaign in Kulaura: Muslim Aid Community Hospital, Kulaura, Moulvibazar organized health camps in 19 primary schools and 10 secondary schools and colleges with over 7000 participants including students, teachers, school committee members and local community representatives. Health campaigns featured discussions on health & hygiene awareness; and free distribution of AmeriCares-USA’s donated items i.e., tooth brush, paste, body lotion, cream, shampoo, deworming tablet, mask, etc.