Muslim Aid-UK Bangladesh Field Office

Mr. Mainuddin Ahmed has been joined as the CountryDirector for Muslim Aid in Bangladesh Country Office on September 6, 2018.

He has come to us with a vast amount ofexperience in international development, as a country manager, programmecoordinator, and community mobiliser. Previously, he was Country Director inLiberia, with BRAC International. He was in Monrovia for nearly 3 years,managing 500 staff and a programme that was worth $10 million annually. Hebegan his development career with BRAC in the late 1980s. Mr. Mainuddin alsocomes to us with an excellent understanding of gender in development, havingworked as Head of Programmes with Nari Uddug Kendra (NUK), or Centre forWomen’s Initiatives, a well-known national NGO in Bangladesh working to empowerwomen, including garment workers.  

Mr. Mainuddin has also worked on childtrafficking issues when he was with United Development Initiatives to ProgrammedActions (UDDIPAN), in Dhaka. He knows Islamic Relief, for he was their actingHead of Programmes in Bangladesh for 2 years during that time he set up theirstreet children programme and projects to support orphans.

We are delighted to welcome such an experiencedprofessional in our country team in Bangladesh.