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Nila Biswas is a role model in her community

Nila Biswas lives in village-Raripara, Kumira union, Tala upazila of Satkhira district of Khulna division of Bangladesh with her husband and a 7-year old son. The family was struggling to cope with financial crisis. Then Nila Biswas decided to enroll in ER project funded by ECHO as the project beneficiary criterions.

She acquired knowledge on significance of nutrition and hygiene practices in households and ways to improve vegetable farming, raise local chickens, and cultivate fish to increase the amount of nutritious food’s availability in her family under the project.

Soon she started cultivating vegetable and rearing poultry. She said, “Previously, my homestead land wasn’t properly utilized for vegetable cultivation. But, after attending the gardening and poultry rearing sessions, I have been growing different nutritious vegetables and rearing poultry at my courtyard for my family.”  

Learning how to raise local chickens has helped her increase production of her poultry firm significantly.

She proudly said, “I am happy that I can feed one or two eggs to my son every day.  My son is a lot healthier now,” She also started good hygiene practice; she installed two water taps with the cash grant of the project - one near her kitchen and another near the latrine. She believes that now days they are not getting sick so frequently due to the good hygienic practices.  Nila Biswas is helping other members of her community to adopt positive changes in income generating activities, nutrition and hygiene. She is a role model for her community for successfully generating income and consuming nutritious food for family.